Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's been awhile since i last update myself on the political and social news in Malaysia. I think the last thing I remember was, Kok, RPK and the Sin Chew reporter being detained under ISA for petty reasons. And a few other news I can't recall by now. Being in in this line gives you limited time, connection, sources, but mostly a sense of concern to give two pots about stuff like that.

Only today did I 'tergerak hati' to type on Malaysiakini's web address (and thankfully I still remember the login password) and enlighten myself with the latest updates. And my, my... It hadn't change a little.

While leaders around the globe are working on global crises, especially economic as we know how rapidly deteriorating it is, ours - as in Malaysian leaders - are still caught up in worrying about whether yoga affects Islamic faiths, and other issues pertaining to Malay's special rights/privileges. So, what's new?

Still waiting for things to change, even in the slightest ways, before I can blab more about this.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks Mom

I just got off the phone with my mom and guess what? I told her that I'm pushing this till May or June after my convocation and get my transcript. As you would have expected, she gave me a long lecture about how I'd spent three years of my time - not including my kindergarten, primary, secondary and A-Levels education - and now throwing it away wasting my life and Degree on singing in a pub in small town Bintulu.

I kept quiet. And then laughed. I didn't talk back like how i usually would because she has a point. I wanted to say it's only until June at the most. But then I remembered that one month ago I said "it's only until January at the most," and now find myself extending the "at the most" part of the sentence. So I shut up and said nothing in return. Until she screamed, "Say something!" Hehe.

My convocation will be in May or June or maybe earlier. Although at first I did this because I wanted to give singing a shot, now I think I might have a new purpose; gain enough money till my convo time comes so i can afford to buy air tickets and accommodation for my family. It may sound like a lame excuse, or maybe even saying that more to convince myself than anyone else. But at least I have a purpose, and I mean it.

Eventually, she gave in. Not like anything she says can change my mind anyway. She knows that. But she also knows that whatever I want, I know I want it. That's why she never really steps in the way. Thanks mom. I really, really appreciate your understanding. And I really, really miss you.

So now, it's a matter of letting my dad know (God help me!).

Thus far, life is still good. I'm still enjoying it. I meet a lot of, various interesting people, learn a lot from them and them from me. These are the kind of things that I never expected would come along the way but they did, which I'm grateful for. I'd surely miss them when I leave.

Our contract here ends in February and next we'll probably be in West Malaysia. We're looking at Penang, or Langkawi, or KL, or maybe even Kuching. Wherever we'll be I'm sure it's gonna be bigger than Bintulu, that's why i shall make all the mistakes here, learn from them, and make no more when I go to those big places.

More updates later. Got a show to run. =)


p/s: I managed to wake up early for Mass last Sunday. Woohoo!!!