Thursday, April 28, 2011

My 4th ID card

I just picked up my new MyKad today. I didnt look good as i did on my first ID card when i was 12, but i definitely look better than i did on the last two. I'm only 26 yet i've had FOUR ID cards. What does that say about me?
My mom said to me by the 3rd time i lost it, "If our genitals are detachable, u would have lost that too," adding that there'd be no way i could ever pass urine again, leaving me with gruesome detailed imagination of other ways my waste would have to exit my body.
Other than that, she also suggested that i stitch my ID card on my stomach, and just flash it to the police when they ask to see it. Though i get where she's coming from, i still don't get why she picked the tummy over the other easily accessed body parts.
The first thing that came to my mind when i lost it was how much would i be compounded for losing my ID card for the 1000th time. I was getting ready to pay 400, but thankfully it was only half of that.
If anything, i pray that my son will not grow up to be so forgetful like his mom. It pays to be clumsy and careless.