Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Angry Bitch Project - Day 12 (23 August)

Mundane. Tho when I first started out on this job, the very thing that I'm doing made me feel like shooting myself on the head, by now it's becoming... ordinary. Is that good? Or bad? Well, it's good that I kind of know what to expect and do now. But the fact that I kind of know what to expect and do now is... bad. Ya, the repetition is done on purpose because it means exactly that. And man don't I just love to be redundant.

AnyWAAAAAAAAAyyyyy... The tea-forsaken laptop is still below my desk and I wonder what is the admin planning to do with it. I'm starting to think that they're hiding it from the powers that be so that they can save me from being screwed.

So here's the thing. Day 12 started out well with everything going smoothly like every other day. But if I were to write this post at the evening of Day 12, I would have started it off differently; full of anger and anger.

Upon coming home from work and picking Micah up from the nursery, I dropped by the house to pick Sam up and just bring them jalan-jalan. We went to Servay and I bought some necessities. Sam - who's got the Angry Bird fever, saw an Angry Bird bag and wanted me to buy it for her. In my sane state of mind I thought it would be nice to buy something for my beloved lil sister. Besides, she LOVES the bag. After buying some stuff, we dropped by the gas station and I reloaded my car fuel full. Micah started getting all cranky and whiny and kept crying. I got sooooo annoyed that I shouted, no, SCREAMED at him to shut up. Again, i went ballistic. At my son. And then Sam kept asking questions so I screamed at her. It's that angry bitch again.

I look back at what happened and I feel disappointed at myself. What worries me most is how my son views me as his mom, and as a person...


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