Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Angry Bitch Project - FAILED

Alas, the 30-day Angry Bitch Project is over, and deemed failed. I'm honestly sorry for those who actually read it and had more faith in me than I do in myself (and I'm truly grateful that you do). But I'm not sorry that I failed and I'm not going to justify that I did. If there's anything about me that's consistent, it's inconsistency. It was initially depressing to know that. But when I think about it, it really isn't that bad. I'm not proud about it; it would have been very awesome and I'd probably be some sort of a greatness by now if I had been consistent in at least something - other than inconsistency. But to whine, stress out, and talk on and on about it would not do me any good.

Lesson learned; not to challenge myself for anything that needs consistency, like promising to update my blog every single day. Ha. What were you thinking, Amy??

With love,
Yours truly.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Angry Bitch Project - Day 22 (2 September)

"And so, from today onwards, 11 August 2011 (Thursday), I challenge myself to a 30-day trial of the Attitude Towards Life test. Having said that, I'll be posting a post a day reporting on what are the shits that I'll have to go through each day and how I managed to (or not) get through them. Let's see what happens after 30 days. =D "

Another 8 days left for the project to see how 'successful' the project is, and I can safely say, I flunked it. For one thing, I failed to post an entry a day as I said I would - and this is due not only to connection problem but also my attitude towards the whole thing; I didn't even WANT to go to my computer and type a single damn letter to update this blog. I'm unmotivated on most days and all I want to do is SLEEEEP (but can't because I have a full time job called motherhood). And for most parts, the biggest way I failed at it was forgetting about my vow - to change my attitude towards life and the situations I'm put through, and BE angry. I could recall (of course not without guilt) the countless times I lost it and literally screamed at Micah and even let myself hit him on his thighs and hands for "not listening to Mommy..." Ugh...

Talk to you later... I'm just in a foul mood today...